Day 347 of 365

I was back out in the yard again this morning with camera in hand…so many wet blades of grass to choose from.

Day 346 of 365

I’m not sure what today’s photo is. At first I thought it might be some sort of feather, but it’s not. Then I thought it might be…

Day 345 of 365

I was hoping to get this post done earlier today as Photo Formation by JixiPix is available for free today in the app store! I’ve used it a couple of times…

Day 344 of 365

For some reason the Pink Floyd song “Wish You Were Here” comes to mind when I look at today’s photo. I processed it the same way…

Day 343 of 365

As I was throwing trash into the trashcan this morning I noticed the ground was still pretty wet, since I didn’t have my glasses on…

Day 342 of 365

Sometimes a rose needs to be played with, digitally, and that’s what I decided to do today.

Day 341 of 365

My dad came out to visit today after his doctor appointment; we went to eat at an Indian restaurant and each table had a vase of orchids – I think they were real…

Day 340 of 365

Everything seems to be working fine on my computer now, though I did see that my assets are now missing from within Affinity Photo.

Day 339 of 365

Today’s photo is not what I planned on posting, but last night I changed over my user folder to an external SSD drive; for some reason there are over…

Day 338 of 365

That clear weather I mentioned in a post the other day…it never came; it has been overcast every day and we finally got a nice storm that passed over us today.