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I’m now back on WordPress.com, if only to finish out my 365 project. When I have time, I might write more tutorials and reviews; in the mean time the 365 project is important for me to complete as it will be my only time to complete one after many attempts.

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Day 231 of 365

From all the rain we received this past Winter, plus all the wind, we have a boatload of milkweed (or something similar) growing in the backyard.
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Debbie Profile Photo - 300 x 300

Some Fun Facts About Me

  • Colors and light inspire me
  • For a while I was running 2 blogs that are still hosted on WordPress.com (here and here)
  • I love hiking and being out in nature
  • I love to travel
  • I have been to Thailand twice, Palau once, and the Yucatan Peninsula once
  • I have been a vegetarian since birth
  • I have a sister who was born on my 2nd birthday
  • I love hummingbirds
  • I’m mommy to three two one fur baby
  • I love fantasy and science fiction

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