Day 267 of 365

I did about a 3+ hour walk around Moorpark College and took over 240 photos of various plants/flowers and some architectural photos.

Day 231 of 365

From all the rain we received this past Winter, plus all the wind, we have a boatload of milkweed (or something similar) growing in the backyard.

Day 226 of 365

Sometimes I love taking photos of just shapes and colors, today’s photo is just that

Day 221 of 365

I was surprised at how close this butterfly on a wisteria petal let me get to capture its photo. I got 2 shots, but this one had the dreamier look with an aperture of f/1.6.

Day 207 of 365

I took some more photos of the spider today as it was hiding inside one of the fortnight lilies, but since I’ve been wanting to show…

Day 198 of 365

I had to look up the name of this flower for today’s photo. I thought it was an amaryllis, but it doesn’t look anything like my red amaryllis…this is much daintier and pretty.

Day 143 of 365

Got up this morning, went outside, and saw that 2 new buds on the Asiatic Lily opened up over night!! Yes, I was screaming with delight 🙂 LOL

Day 88 of 365

So far this is the longest I’ve ever managed to do a 365 project. One of the things that I’m enjoying this time around is that it seems to be helping me define my style of photography.

Day 80 of 365

Can you hear me screaming? My first baby is about to pop! This one wasn’t even the first to break through the ground…it was more like the 6th.

Weekend Freebie 06-01-18: Soft Colors

Each weekend, starting Friday morning, I will be giving away something for free; to start it might only be textures, but as I get more into (digital) mixed media, it might be digital stencils, digital brushes, or even an image that you can use. I hope that you enjoy creating with the freebies.
Today’s freebie is a soft focus photo of a small part of the Mexican Sage Bush in my backyard.