Day 231 of 365

From all the rain we received this past Winter, plus all the wind, we have a boatload of milkweed (or something similar) growing in the backyard.

Day 230 of 365

I’m working on creating my sisters birthday card so I didn’t get a chance to go out and take pictures today. Here’s another view of the monstrose cactus flower

Day 229 of 365

The monstrose cactus is at it again…producing lots of buds blooming into the occasional flower. This afternoon I noticed another bud…

Day 227 of 365

Love catching the sun behind a flower and lighting it up in different areas, like what it did to my latest baby (ginger flower).

Day 225 of 365

I’m trying out the Wordpress desktop app on my Macbook Pro; I think it’s going to get deleted after this post as I don’t like how it compressed today’s photo.

Day 219 of 365

For the past week or so I’ve been wanting to take pictures of the beautiful hibiscus flowers growing in my neighbor’s front yard.

Day 208 of 365

Spent most of the day hanging around with my dad and didn’t get a chance to get out and take pictures. I decided to play around some more in Topaz Studio 2…

Day 207 of 365

I took some more photos of the spider today as it was hiding inside one of the fortnight lilies, but since I’ve been wanting to show…

Day 161 of 365

I bought a 4-pack of sweet potatoes a few months ago and only used 2 of them, the other 2 now have leaves growing up out of them.

Day 68 of 365

One of my favorite ways to photograph now is to be very close to the ground, with the camera lens almost resting on the dirt,