Day 345 of 365

I was hoping to get this post done earlier today as Photo Formation by JixiPix is available for free today in the app store! I’ve used it a couple of times…

Day 344 of 365

For some reason the Pink Floyd song “Wish You Were Here” comes to mind when I look at today’s photo. I processed it the same way…

Day 343 of 365

As I was throwing trash into the trashcan this morning I noticed the ground was still pretty wet, since I didn’t have my glasses on…

Day 307 of 365

I got my new iPhone yesterday, and shortly after leaving the Apple store at the Oaks Mall I was taking photos with it. Since I wanted a fresh start…

Day 302 of 365

Yesterday I mentioned that the other pink flower photo had green grass in the background, I forgot that I took it peeking behind the green leaves.

Day 289 of 365

Had to get up early to take my friend for his morning appointment, was too tired/lazy to take any pictures today…but the main reason

Day 288 of 365

Got a relatively early start this morning, watering my poor plants then picking the last of the big patch of milkweed. Yay!!

Day 285 of 365

I had connectivity issues yesterday which is why I wasn’t able to post this.

Day 270 of 365

Last night the 4th cactus bud started blooming with 2 more looking like they’re going to open tonight.

Day 258 of 365

I know I’m supposed to post a photo today, but my family got together to celebrate my baby sister turning 50. I’ve been wanting to post…