Day 333 of 365

With the way I’m feeling about Luminar 3 and 4, last night I went out to see what ON1 is up to with their latest release as I’ve used several of their previous versions.

Day 320 of 365

The other day I mentioned a couple of favorite iOS apps that Kathleen Clemons likes to use; the third app that she uses is different than the way the developers created the app…

Day 319 of 365

Time for some creative fun with today’s photo. I used the Tiny Planet app to “roll” another hibiscus flower.

Day 317 of 365

I finally got around to watching the CreativeLive class by Kathleen Clemons titled Creating Painterly Photographs (I bought it when it was on sale for $29).

Day 303 of 365

After my post yesterday slowly the mandatory evacuation areas were getting smaller, by the time I went to bed there were no evacuations; I got a much needed restful sleep.

Day 300 of 365

Went for a 3 mile photo walk at Moorpark College today. Came across a lone clivia flower…

Day 296 of 365

As the chrysanthemums I bought from Trader Joe’s were dying, I thought I would document their different looks.

Day 276 of 365

S/he love me, s/he loves me not…whoever thought to pluck off beautiful petals to see if someone loves you.

Day 272 of 365

Went for a 2+ mile walk around Moorpark College this morning and didn’t take my camera, I did have my phone with me if I wanted to take any pictures.

Day 268 of 365

Roses can be such photogenic flowers when you look at them from different angles, not just the usual shots most people take.