Day 252 of 365

Another day of playing with the Harris Camera app. There aren’t many fortnight lilies out at the moment…

Day 239 of 365

I love my active imagination! Todays photo got the title while masking the flower from the different textures…it looked like a tall,

Day 238 of 365

I normally don’t do shots where I shoot straight down on a flower, but I couldn’t resist giving it a try on this fortnight lily.

Day 223 of 365

I love experimenting with photography, and today is no exception! I decided to try using the Lensbaby LM-30 along with the slow shutter app.

Day 213 of 365

Can’t think of anything to say today, so I found a quote to go with today’s photo/post.

Day 211 of 365

Today I got to watch as 5 fortnight lilies opened. Like the agapanthus, I’m drawn to taking photos of the flowers being born…

Day 205 of 365

I’ve been picking off all the dead fortnight lilies over the past couple of days, today 4 or 5 new lilies opened up. With the heat we’ve been having, I decided to wait…

Day 201 of 365

My new toy showed up…the Lensbaby Velvet 56! This is the lens I’ve been wanting for at least 6 years

Day 200 of 365

I was excited to go outside this morning to see all the fortnight lilies. The bush is a site to behold right now and its making me very happy!

Day 199 of 365

My fortnight lily bush has exploded with another batch of flowers today; well over 30 is my guess.