Day 222 of 365

I really liked this shot of a hibiscus that I took, but in color, it was just too flat and I didn’t like it with more contrast…so I decided to try black and white – me likee! I’m not a huge fan of black and white, but there are times when it just looks better…

Day 174 of 365

I don’t have a photo for this Sunday’s “Stretch Your Mind”, but I do have this photo of part of a hibiscus that I’m scratching my head as to how I got this look!

Day 151 of 365

I had to force myself to hold my camera and take some pictures today…and I’m glad that I did. While out in the front yard…

Spring Flowers

I love taking pictures of nature, but flowers hold a special place in my heart. Last weekend, my twin sister from another mother and I met at Moorpark College to take photos. Here are 6 images that I finally got around to post processing with more to come in other posts.