Day 319 of 365

Time for some creative fun with today’s photo. I used the Tiny Planet app to “roll” another hibiscus flower.

Day 317 of 365

I finally got around to watching the CreativeLive class by Kathleen Clemons titled Creating Painterly Photographs (I bought it when it was on sale for $29).

Day 275 of 365

Only 90 days to go…WOO HOOO!! Here’s another angle of a hibiscus you don’t normally see . It was styled in Topaz Studio 2.

Day 273 of 365

Hibiscus flowers can be fun to shoot as macros as there are so many different things you can focus on.

Day 222 of 365

I really liked this shot of a hibiscus that I took, but in color, it was just too flat and I didn’t like it with more contrast…so I decided to try black and white – me likee! I’m not a huge fan of black and white, but there are times when it just looks better…

Day 174 of 365

I don’t have a photo for this Sunday’s “Stretch Your Mind”, but I do have this photo of part of a hibiscus that I’m scratching my head as to how I got this look!

Day 151 of 365

I had to force myself to hold my camera and take some pictures today…and I’m glad that I did. While out in the front yard…

Spring Flowers

I love taking pictures of nature, but flowers hold a special place in my heart. Last weekend, my twin sister from another mother and I met at Moorpark College to take photos. Here are 6 images that I finally got around to post processing with more to come in other posts.