Day 311 of 365

As I was cleaning up the garage, I came across my fiber optic lamp and started playing with it…and Slow Shutter Cam on my iPhone 11 Pro.

Day 283 of 365

Since it was so freaking windy today I didn’t take any photos, so I’ll use the excuse of Throwback Thursday…throwback to last month on my baby sisters 50th birthday.

Day 274 of 365

Not much to say, so I think I’ll write a haiku/senryu about today’s photo.

Day 259 of 365

One of my stops while running errands today was at Trader Joe’s; occasionally I’ll look at the flowers to see if anything hits my eyes and heart.

Day 223 of 365

I love experimenting with photography, and today is no exception! I decided to try using the Lensbaby LM-30 along with the slow shutter app.

Day 217 of 365

Mother Nature is quite amazing; not that I didn’t know it before, but I just had the best first hand experience in my own back yard! It started when my mom showed up this past

Day 197 of 365

Since I’ve been playing around with the Slow Shutter Cam app on my iPhone SE again, I’ve been wanting to try it out on an Agapanthus flower.

Day 195 of 365

Time for another episode of “Stretch Your Mind Sunday!” You’ll really be scratching your head with this one.