Day 299 of 365

Decided to play with focos again with an older photo from September of a bubble wand. I changed the color of the wand…

Day 297 of 365

I think you all know by now how much I love mirroring nature, well here’s another one taken of a day lily. Can’t decide if the “character” is in bed…

Day 295 of 365

When walking around 1 of the 2 art buildings at Moorpark College, I saw a locker with a pair of “witch” stockings coming out of the top.

Day 291 of 365

While walking around I came across this orange colored leaf, I used the Mirror Cam FX app and moved my phone until I captured the “heart”.

Day 287 of 365

Between cleaning the house and pulling more milk weeds, I didn’t get a chance to take any photos…

Day 286 of 365

Did my Sunday 2+ mile walk at Moorpark College and only took my iPhone SE along with the Zenvo macro lens.

Day 285 of 365

I had connectivity issues yesterday which is why I wasn’t able to post this.

Day 283 of 365

Since it was so freaking windy today I didn’t take any photos, so I’ll use the excuse of Throwback Thursday…throwback to last month on my baby sisters 50th birthday.

Day 282 of 365

Mix Mexican sage bush and Lion’s mane with a slow shutter photo, post process the photo in Snapseed…

Day 281 of 365

With some of the aging Pink Ginger flowers I decided to try the mirror camera app. I love the “figure” that showed up.