Day 231 of 365

From all the rain we received this past Winter, plus all the wind, we have a boatload of milkweed (or something similar) growing in the backyard.

Day 230 of 365

I’m working on creating my sisters birthday card so I didn’t get a chance to go out and take pictures today. Here’s another view of the monstrose cactus flower

Day 229 of 365

The monstrose cactus is at it again…producing lots of buds blooming into the occasional flower. This afternoon I noticed another bud…

Day 228 of 365

I sure am getting my money’s worth from the pink ginger plants I got last week. I’ve been enjoying…

Day 227 of 365

Love catching the sun behind a flower and lighting it up in different areas, like what it did to my latest baby (ginger flower).

Day 226 of 365

Sometimes I love taking photos of just shapes and colors, today’s photo is just that

Day 225 of 365

I’m trying out the Wordpress desktop app on my Macbook Pro; I think it’s going to get deleted after this post as I don’t like how it compressed today’s photo.

Day 224 of 365

While out running errands yesterday, I decided to stop at Home Depot. I’ve been looking for some “society garlic” plants to (hopefully) keep the gophers away. I lucked out…

Day 222 of 365

I really liked this shot of a hibiscus that I took, but in color, it was just too flat and I didn’t like it with more contrast…so I decided to try black and white – me likee! I’m not a huge fan of black and white, but there are times when it just looks better…

Day 221 of 365

I was surprised at how close this butterfly on a wisteria petal let me get to capture its photo. I got 2 shots, but this one had the dreamier look with an aperture of f/1.6.