Day 347 of 365

I was back out in the yard again this morning with camera in hand…so many wet blades of grass to choose from.

Day 346 of 365

I’m not sure what today’s photo is. At first I thought it might be some sort of feather, but it’s not. Then I thought it might be…

Day 345 of 365

I was hoping to get this post done earlier today as Photo Formation by JixiPix is available for free today in the app store! I’ve used it a couple of times…

Day 306 of 365

Add a bit of a breeze with f/1.6 and you have today’s photo of a rose. After processing the RAW file in Luminar 3…

Day 305 of 365

I love taking non-standard photos of roses, like this one today. I never realized how some roses can look like ears as this one sure does!

Day 300 of 365

Went for a 3 mile photo walk at Moorpark College today. Came across a lone clivia flower…

Day 292 of 365

One of the things my sister gave me for my birthday was this little gold box with a heart on top. My Thai sister…

Day 290 of 365

I have an inner magpie who just loves sparkly things, but interestingly diamonds are not one of them! Amethyst and other crystals have more of an appeal to me.

Day 289 of 365

Had to get up early to take my friend for his morning appointment, was too tired/lazy to take any pictures today…but the main reason

Day 288 of 365

Got a relatively early start this morning, watering my poor plants then picking the last of the big patch of milkweed. Yay!!