Day 227 of 365

Love catching the sun behind a flower and lighting it up in different areas, like what it did to my latest baby (ginger flower).

Day 226 of 365

Sometimes I love taking photos of just shapes and colors, today’s photo is just that

Day 224 of 365

While out running errands yesterday, I decided to stop at Home Depot. I’ve been looking for some “society garlic” plants to (hopefully) keep the gophers away. I lucked out…

Day 221 of 365

I was surprised at how close this butterfly on a wisteria petal let me get to capture its photo. I got 2 shots, but this one had the dreamier look with an aperture of f/1.6.

Day 210 of 365

One of the many Betty Boop roses at Gardens of the World…

Day 168 of 365

My Lensbaby hasn’t left my XT-3 since I put it on this past Friday…well, except to add extension tubes between the body and lens. One of the cool things I like about the…