Day 342 of 365

Sometimes a rose needs to be played with, digitally, and that’s what I decided to do today.

Day 341 of 365

My dad came out to visit today after his doctor appointment; we went to eat at an Indian restaurant and each table had a vase of orchids – I think they were real…

Day 340 of 365

Everything seems to be working fine on my computer now, though I did see that my assets are now missing from within Affinity Photo.

Day 339 of 365

Today’s photo is not what I planned on posting, but last night I changed over my user folder to an external SSD drive; for some reason there are over…

Day 338 of 365

That clear weather I mentioned in a post the other day…it never came; it has been overcast every day and we finally got a nice storm that passed over us today.

Day 337 of 365

Today was a busy day without getting to take any pictures. I like this photo I took at Moorpark College of the library building…looking up.

Day 332 of 365

Today was a cold and rainy Thanksgiving day so I didn’t get out to take any photos. I decided to get creative with a long exposure of bamboo shot on my iPhone.

Day 331 of 365

I love Betty Boop roses, I think that its mostly because they don’t really look like a traditional rose…and the colors are outrageously beautiful!

Day 330 of 365

The very first time I saw the brick pillars and wooden trellis there were beautiful wisteria hanging down. Now there’s not a hint…

Day 329 of 365

Ever since I saw the giant koi fish at Gardens of the World I’ve been wanting to get an abstract photo of them swimming, I finally got that chance.