Day 223 of 365

I love experimenting with photography, and today is no exception! I decided to try using the Lensbaby LM-30 along with the slow shutter app.

Day 217 of 365

Mother Nature is quite amazing; not that I didn’t know it before, but I just had the best first hand experience in my own back yard! It started when my mom showed up this past

Day 197 of 365

Since I’ve been playing around with the Slow Shutter Cam app on my iPhone SE again, I’ve been wanting to try it out on an Agapanthus flower.

Day 181 of 365

I’ve been wanting to share this photo for about a month now. I was washing the dishes and the plastic paper plate holder was on the bottom of the sink.

Day 167 of 365

Time for another episode of “Stretch Your Mind Sunday!” I’m loving both my Lensbaby lens for my Fuji camera and the Mobile Kit (LM-20 and LM-30) on my iPhone SE.

Day 164 of 365

One of the reasons I shoot double exposure flower photography is that I try to get a Lensbaby look, without having a Lensbaby lens. Recently I was on Instagram

Day 139 of 365

Time for another episode of “Stretch Your Mind Sunday!” I was going to post another wet Asiatic Lily, but remembered it was Sunday…lucky you (LOL).

Day 127 of 365

Short and sweet today, I’ve got a pinched nerve on the left hand side near my neck. Too painful to type out a full post.

Day 115 of 365

I’m not much for video games, but while waiting for a small pizza to go I headed into the game area. They had a nice KISS pinball machine

Day 111 of 365

First off, Happy Easter (to those who celebrate the holiday)! My plan for this morning was to go for a hike or to walk around Moorpark College and take pictures.