Day 344 of 365

For some reason the Pink Floyd song “Wish You Were Here” comes to mind when I look at today’s photo. I processed it the same way…

Day 343 of 365

As I was throwing trash into the trashcan this morning I noticed the ground was still pretty wet, since I didn’t have my glasses on…

Day 342 of 365

Sometimes a rose needs to be played with, digitally, and that’s what I decided to do today.

Day 341 of 365

My dad came out to visit today after his doctor appointment; we went to eat at an Indian restaurant and each table had a vase of orchids – I think they were real…

Day 340 of 365

Everything seems to be working fine on my computer now, though I did see that my assets are now missing from within Affinity Photo.

Day 332 of 365

Today was a cold and rainy Thanksgiving day so I didn’t get out to take any photos. I decided to get creative with a long exposure of bamboo shot on my iPhone.

Day 331 of 365

I love Betty Boop roses, I think that its mostly because they don’t really look like a traditional rose…and the colors are outrageously beautiful!

Day 327 of 365

My dad came out for a visit today so we went to Thousand Oaks for lunch and a walk around Gardens of the World. The trees had been…

Day 326 of 365

I love taking photos of day lilies with their curved petals, what I didn’t like was the background of the photo I started with…

Day 324 of 365

Felt like playing again with today’s photo of Bougainvillea flowers and leaves that I came across . I used the…